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Smart Speaker with Alexa

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  • DualBattery System

    The Braun hair clipper is powered by a dual battery system. The two NI-MH batteries are fully charged in 8 hours for 40 minutess

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Blue, Gray, Green, Red

3 reviews for Smart Speaker with Alexa

  1. John Smith

    The quality of your speakers is excellent. I bought them and when I turned them on, the sound of speakers echoed throughout my room. I really like your products, I will recommend you.

  2. John Wick

    I really like your work and the quality of your products. You are doing a great job which I am very impressed with. I would recommend you.

    • admin

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  3. Robert

    This is SRS-XB12 we\’re talking about – I don\’t have to say much. SRS-XB12 sets the bar to a level where the crowd can only try to reach it or be left behind. I\’ll leave it at that.

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